Saturday, November 26, 2005

Baumol's symphony orchestra

Prof. DeLong channels Marginal Revolution on the topic of European labor and musical protectionism. Here's my comment:

Let's remember that the symphony orchestra was the original case study for Baumol's cost disease: "Performing Arts: The Economic Dilemma" (1966).

A French musician can not be more productive than a Bulgarian one. His higher wage is (was) only justified by his (no longer) exclusive access to customers who are more productive than the average Bulgarian.

Heilbrun, J., "Baumol's cost disease", Chapter 11 in: Towse, R. (ed), (2003), "A handbook of cultural economics".
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Just want to note - on your previous post - lots of spam appeared - Blogger has two good features that help stop that - One is typing in a letter code, before you comment, and the other allows you to monitor comments before they appear.

Sometimes it's good to delete them as soon as the spam appears, because if someone clicks on the spam, on your blog, it is said that encourages more spam - and no one wants to leave a comment around the spam, for some reason.

Just thought to pass this on, since our blog has the same problem recently. Best.

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Regarding the babe theory - notice that beer commercials never state that their beer will help you get the babe on spring break - they just show the beer and show the babe.

This is similar to Bush and Cheney putting 9-11 and Iraq in the same paragraph, - so as to create the link in peoples minds, without spelling it out.

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