Monday, July 04, 2005

Two totally unrelated Thoughts

Jonathan Chait understands how special interest groups work:
As conservatives well understand, once a group of voters has been given a property right by Washington, they will never allow it to be taken away. The individual rights will be a ratchet, one that can be expanded but never contracted. ... Privatizers understand full well that any concessions they make can be legislated away in the future, while private accounts cannot.

Daniel Nexon is quoting Guicciardini:
If you are involved in important affairs or are seeking power, you must always hide your failures and exaggerate your successes. It is a form of swindling and very much against my nature. But, since your fate more often depends upon the opinion of others than on facts, it is a good idea to create the impression that things are going well. The opposite reputation will be harmful to you (Series C, 86).


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